The Bundhit Kantabutra Chaired Professorship Fund
Statistics Department, Chulalongkorn University

Prof. Bundhit and Wife, Prapa.
Both taught at Statistics, Chula.
When Thailand's statistics, IT (computers), and insurance pioneer Prof. Emeritus Bundhit Kantabutra passed away in December, 2000, the students of Chulalongkorn University's Statistics Department, which Prof. Kantabutra founded, immediately set up a  table at the funeral  accepting donations for a fund in his name.  The response from Prof. Kantabutra's many alumni, friends, former colleagues, family, and others was very heart-warming, for they contributed generously towards establishing a chaired professorship in his memory -- and such generosity continues to this day.

Your donation to this chaired professorship fund will help to further the cause of statistics in Thailand and will help to improve the educational program in statistics at Chulalongkorn University.

What is a Chaired Professorship?

A chaired professorship, or an endowed chair, is a special professorial (faculty) position.  What makes such a professorship so special?  First of all, the professor who occupies such a position is especially selected to provide leadership in research or other scholarly endeavors in the field, which in our case would be statistics. To be selected as a chaired professor, a person must usually be a recognized national or world leader in the field.  A chaired professor is not usually the department chairperson or head, and hence does not spend time running the department.  Instead, a chaired professor spends his or her time (other than performing teaching duties) performing top-quality scholarly work, as well providing guidance to more junior faculty members in their research projects.  The second thing that is special about a chair professorship is that the salary for the person occupying this position is funded at least in part by a special fund rather than by the usual faculty salary pool of the department.  Our goal is to raise sufficient money to fund a chaired professorship in statistics as described here.

Prof. Emeritus Bundhit Kantabutra's BIOGRAPHY in Thai (from a book compiled by daughter Jitrapa Himathongkam; click on photos to enlarge)
Prof. Emeritus Bundhit Kantabutra's BIOGRAPHY in English
A Paper on Thailand's First Two Computers, both brought into Thailand by Prof. Bundhit
Prof. Bundhit's Writings, Speeches and Interview Scripts on Statistics, Insurance and the beginnings of IT in Thailand
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