Stat Chula People Gathered in Prof. Bundhit's Honor

A Beautiful Tradition Continues

Stat Chula Gathering on 18 August 2544

Every year up until the very last year of Prof. Bundhit Kantabutra's long life, the upper classmen of the Statistics Department of Chulalongkorn University used to bring their freshmen to be introduced to Prof. Bundhit, the department's founding chair.   Now, even though Prof. Bundhit has passed away, the students, alumni, and faculty of Stat Chula gathered at Theptarin Hospital, where Prof. Bundhit spent his last few months and where Mrs. Prapa Kantabutra still is.  As the photo above shows, this important tradition continues.

The gathering included not only socializing, but also group discussions on statistical education and Prof. Bundhit's contribution to statistical education in Thailand.  The group are also planning to establish a "Bundhit Kantabutra Day" to commemorate Prof. Bundhit.