Prof. Bundhit Kantabutra's Writings, Speeches and Interview Scripts on Statistics,
                         Insurance and the beginnings of IT in Thailand

Prof. Bundhit Kantabutra giving one of his many speeches.

Selected Works by or about Prof. Bundhit Kantabutra

Professor Bundhit was a strong believer in public speaking, and has given quite a few speeches during his long career to further his causes,
namely the development of statistics, insurance, and information technology in Thailand.  He has compiled the scripts of some of these memorable speeches, along with some interviews with the media and writings, and we have made some of these works available in Adobe pdf form below.

To read these documents, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3.0 or later, which can be obtained free of charge from

History of Statistics in Thailand (in Thai)
Brief History of Statistics (in English)
History of Insurance in Thailand (in English)
Speech to New Statistics Graduates of Multiple Thai Universities (in Thai)
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